A Masochist Seeking Relaxation

After a week of intense work, Tuji decided to get a game to play. The criterion of selection is whatever that requires minimal effort to play. Tuji was tired so that he did not want to spend effort on selection either. It so happened that the App Store was promoting the game called Snakebird whose graphics looked innocuous and complemented well with the ridiculousness of the title. The first several levels were fine with just a little bit of twist. Then you get two snakebirds to play with. All of a sudden the drowsy Tuji who had been lounging started to plan out moves: move the blue s-b there in this particular shape and orientation, let the green guy can hook on it and nudge it left etc...

Tuji was deceived and he wanted his money back!!! 👿 It served Tuji right who did not bother reading game description or editor's notes or players' reviews.

Just kidding. The game is free to download and one can try out the first several levels before doing IAP. Tuji got hooked by the puzzles and willingly paid for this gem which ran diametrical to his selection criterion... People are absolutely right in saying that Tuji is a masochist.