A Vicious Cycle

My research slackened or more precisely it has never been good. Oh, I have a paper that recently got accepted. Even if I put in a lot of work, it does not mean it has good results. If people do not find any value in it, it is just no good. I mean this paper may be no good. I came across some no good papers by others as well. This does not mean my research is OK. I digress.

Bad research attracts less or no funding. (Well, some others manage to sell bad products.) I don't get invited to conferences as speakers, so need to cover my own cost. Organisers may not inform me of future conferences. On the other hand, it is also difficult to invite others to visit me because I cannot cover their cost. Less collaboration chance when one has little to offer both in terms of strength of research and possibility of a visit.

Thus it is of high priority to build up one's research capability. Only with a product, can people who support you help promote you. I think most results are not dazzling enough to be visible without promotion. Getting promotion or not makes a difference in how many people are exposed to the results. By hazard, people connect with the not-so-dazzling results and develop them into intermediate ingredients for a truly dazzling result???

After talking to people, I feel that they know a lot of tools and classification knowledge I lack. They can easily move from chain to chain and know what cannot be true and what should be true. I didn't spend the years learning important stuff and this is my own fault.

I am at a very gloomy research prospect. Either I find something to work on or I feel hopeless.