All of a sudden,

  • Tuj wrote part of research statement, which implies that he is job-searching prematurely, but chances do not wait. Aaaaaaah, Tuj really wants the job. Please.
  • Tuj went to museum to relax. Tuj likes to communicate with art.
  • Tuj bought airline ticket.
  • Tuj found temporary housing, but dates did not align with his arrival.
  • Tuj airbnbed to bridge the gap. Airbnb startled Tuj with the price listing. Example: On the search page it showed $100 per night and after Tuj clicked for detail, the number jumped to 1,000,000, except that it was in another currency. Why the sudden change of currency? Tuj truly believed that the host was asking for the exorbitant $1,000,000 per night. Something is very wrong with Tuj. And something is wrong with Airbnb.

A report on the visit to museum

Unexpectedly the museum is free per a relatively new policy. There was a big crowd. Tuj queued for long for the special exhibition which had a motley collection of human artifacts.

[Ideally, there should be a photo showing the special exhibition here.]

It was well-arranged. Some pieces were hilarious. Technology has advanced, so that people can listen to audio guides directly on their phones rather than renting a physical audio guide. Photography was not allowed. However some people were shooting photos with their phones under the guise of using them for audio guides. Should we follow the rules? Or are the rules unreasonable to begin with?

The regular exhibitions of the museum are narrowly-focused. The objects are always fun to behold and provide infinite inspiration. We will not go into detail here.

[Ideally, there should be a photo showing the objects here.]

After Tuj tired himself out by walking in this vast museum and by looking at the exhibitions, Tuj left. He wanted a little adventure before going back, so he took an unfamiliar tunnel. There were many little shops selling clothes and drinks. There were snooker tables and an alley full of arcade machines.

[Ideally, there should be a photo showing this impressive alley here.]

Many people were totally absorbed in playing with their gazes fixated on the screen. The boisterous atmosphere contrasts starkly to Tuj's sterile world. Tuj lingered a bit in this alien world. People get high on different things.