Anime: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

Conclusion: Suzaku is the greatest evil.

Oh, spoilers ahead.

Suzaku wanted to die, but was forced to live on by the 'Live on' command cast on him by Lelouch. It is all very well except that he never asked Jeremiah to annihilate it. Liar!

Zero Requiem, apparently from its name, meant Killing Zero and Suzaku was in for this plan. It made sense for Lelouch to seek death when he believed that his sister, Nunally, died and that he was the cause. Later when Lelouch found out that Nunally was alive, apparently he thought about aborting the plan so that he could live on with Nunally. However Suzaku firmly pressed Lelouch on to continue the plan. Why didn't you let Lelouch change his mind?! Lelouch could have come up with a better plan for the future. Murderer!

Nunally did not desire the future in which her brother did not exist. The present was worth keeping. Schneizel was correct after all... except that I don't understand his intention. Hey, I didn't know that he wanted to preserve the present until Lelouch stated so. Why were Schneizel and Lelouch fighting in the first place?

Jeremiah was OK to let Suzaku kill Lelouch!?

At this stage probably it is more reasonable that Lelouch faked his death. Ouch, that fall was painful.

Sigh, these people liked to emulate in their heads what others desired and based their actions on that rather than talk everything through with real people and figure out what to do together.