Anime: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

World's worst joke happened in episode 22. You suck, Lelouch. Also why do you like to take off your mask so much?!

I haven't watched Season 2, so please no emailing me any spoilers.

Overall I like the setting very much. The French and the American armies lost to the British. As a result there was no United States of America. In their place was the Britannia Empire, which went on to colonise/conquer a large part of the world. On this stage, friends held clashing views and their actions cross.

It seems to me that the treatment of the Japanese in the anime only served to brew insurgence rather than obedience. As a result the Britannia empire had to expend much resource in just one relatively small region. Thus I find this setting hard to swallow. However it is highly likely that I am the one who lacks imagination on how arbitrary the powerful treat the dispossessed.

Britannia with its advanced Knightmare technology really sucked in terms of espionage and surveillance. In the real world, Zero's identity would have been revealed long ago since he simply liked to take off the mask. In anime the action of a character saying his thoughts aloud should be regarded as thinking silently. This I totally understand. :3

The rest of world did not seem to give a damn about the blatant racial discrimination of Britannia. Profit probably can make nations turn a blind eye to any injustice. Tujion cannot help but gaze upon the real world and shed some tears.

First Lelouch killed Clovis who embodies the empire, while many nameless people also perished in the conflict. Then Shirley's father died in the turmoil. He was sad but could not turn back. Thus death of individuals became unfortunate collateral damage, an unavoidable sacrifice to the greater good. Then he had to kill Euphemia who was dear to him and then he had to take advantage of the situation. His ideal world in which Nunally could live in peace became steeped in blood of both those he did not care and those he cared deeply. Finally when Nunally was kidnapped, he betrayed his loyal followers. In the end it was revealed that he didn't care about the revolution or how lives of millions of Japanese turn out to be. He used the Japanese. On the other hand, the Japanese were too dependent on one single point of failure.

If my enthusiasm does not wane before I have time, I will draw the handsome sucking joker.