Art Style

I have always held the view that I should draw in the style that I think fits the subject. Meanwhile, I have seen many people eager to develop their own style. Recently I started to see what style is.

  • You want to be different from others. Style means self. Subjects subject to style, not the other way around.
  • Style is also a promise that you will draw in such a fashion. Only people want to commission, they don't want to get something wildly different from their expectation.

Apparently I don't have a very strong self nor do I plan to go professional. I think I can do without a style. [I was swindled by Silver into getting this domain, OK? I would never have thought about doing such a self thing. OMG, sticking my name up in the address bar. shudder ]

I have never seriously attempted going professional. Otherwise I would have been much more aggressive in applying for art jobs, getting more training, attracting attention etc.

I think I want to draw because I am happy to be able to realise my inner world on paper... oops, tablet. I actually like to express my thoughts and feelings by drawing scenes that represent or hint at those. The drawing process can be tedious and I may feel depressed as I doubt my ability. Those, however, are a different topic that can be addressed by taking breaks or complaining to friends. I am also starting to appreciate the importance making brushes. It is a type of reuse to save time and to cut down tedium. Yes, I definitely reuse my programming code.

I am happy that many people like my drawings. However my parents' reactions have always been 'ugh, how come you still have time to muck about?!' They have been quite eager to get rid of my pile of mess to free up storage and to tidy up home. Being able to draw digitally is of tremendous help to me. I don't need to hold onto piles of paper as I move from place to place.

Technology had brought us a new medium for making drawings. One should not force it to emulate traditional means, but rather develop new expressions that digital drawing enables.