Back to 2009

We just let this thing hang there for many years. An idea is just an idea. It is nothing if not fully realised. This issue has dashed our hopes, plagued our life and doomed us to this awkward position.

We will fix it now.

Er... First step, get our tools ready again. It's been 7 years. Our package system and header file have changed significantly. External tools have evolved. We need to bring everything to 2016 before making changes. It feels intimidating to redo everything. Well, it serves us right. We need to pay for our past deeds.

Other dreams have to wait. Some have to be ditched because of incompatibility. (For example, I really would like to draw a short manga... Drawing a story takes a lot of resources. It will become the top idea in my mind, so this is incompatible. Also I don't seem to possess the ability of making up stories.