Bed-ridden days

So far we have been healthy for about 5 days since the beginning of 2018. This definitely does not look like a promising beginning. We had to face all the hassles created by both ill intentions and good intentions. The phone calls and the discussions on the matters took up a large portion of our time. They evicted thoughts more important. Because of the broken space we were in, we cannot but wonder if there is some error on our side rather than on the other end? Self-doubt hangs over us again.

In the mean time, we managed to connect some dots from our old knowledge base to those just beyond the horizon by asking super stupid questions during lectures. Speakers tried to explain, but their explanations were not to the point because we tripped at places they never imagined people would trip. By persistence, we gradually exhausted all other explanations and forced them to say those exact words that finally clarified things for us and that they would never have said as they were obvious to them. For people with different background, understanding is possible but slow. We managed to waste everybody else's time for the selfish goal of learning. We were not sure if the rest of the audience were irritated or were eagerly waiting for somebody to raise the question or were asleep and did not care. Well, one is entitled to be selfish in such circumstances. We were very happy that we understood some new things.

In the mean time, we also started reading a Sci-fi in bed, no, actually at a desk. Then we realised why it was such an enduring piece. It was really about the present day society with all of its ridiculous concerns and pursuits.