Blocking Unnecessary Functionalities

Tuj reads a bit NYTimes. One day he noticed an English word that he did not know in an article from NYTimes. As a learner, he decided to look up that word. He did a double click in order to select the word and the text size grew larger. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

He fired up the development tools in Firefox and noticed a doubleTap event listener attached to the story element. The obvious solution was to remove it by injecting scripts. However Tuj did not see the need for such granular control. He simply blocked the loading of a main.js file which resided somewhere in and which attached various listeners to various elements.(Blocking can be done with the help of an adblock add-on. Tuj personally uses uBlock0.) The site continued to function well and Tuj did not feel anything amiss.

One cannot help but wonder what extraneous functionalities the main.js file would have provided and how much bloatware is out on the Internet. All Tuj wanted was to read an article that was laid out in an acceptable way.