Buy art? You must be kidding!

There are ideas I find ridiculous to me. First let us be more specific. I meant buying a painting. It is pleasant to look at nice paintings. However when I think of the infinite headache of carrying it around, I have no desire of possession. Owning things is the luxury of people who have settled down. Another point is that I would very much prefer spending the money towards a more material end, such as getting a better fridge.

In short I am just not living in the same world as those who would consider buying paintings. We are segregated in our different worlds and we gradually evolve into different species that find each other strange. It is unimaginable for me that there exists a market for paintings.

My world is such that you spend most of the money on essentials+ which includes essentials and a little beyond. For example, it is not just getting fed, it means having quality food; it does not include stupid no-good luxury food. I guess I will get mired to classify food. Also somehow the world has evolved so that smart phone has become essential+. In my world, one also gets books from time to time. OK. I guess my world is an arid world.