During my trip, a nagging feeling tended to surface as I watched the cars and bikes clash, bikes hop onto pedestrian walk to get ahead in traffic or to manoeuvre turns made impossible by randomly parked cars and bikes, and pedestrians wind up and down stairs leading into shops along the streets to avoid obstacles such as randomly parked cars and bikes... It eventually congealed into the word, chaos.

Tension was in the air. I wonder if people check flight maps when the routes are long and they get bored. I noticed that our plane made a westerly detour to avoid a critical piece of land which I don't want to name. There were also cancelled flights to another region, due to turmoil of politics rather than that of air.

On the plane I watched the Martians. I intended to watch the Wandering Earth after it, but somehow I fell asleep. I found it funny that Mark concluded that he was a pirate.

Today I helped friend move, went to a seminar, made tea, wandered about with tea, offered to draw on a whiteboard, went shopping and watched some protests and rallies and clashes on the way. What were they rallying about? The words could not be made out when shouted out in unison. There was force and determination but the meaning was lost. I had to check news to figure out what was going on even though I was on site. Drawing with your wrist hovering in the air is difficult. It is a one-shot thing, as erasing is not practical. At that moment, I wished that I had been Kim Jung Gi... but I am just Tuji in reality.