Conversation with Stranger

Today we went for lunch at the usual place. As it was quite crowded, we sat across a stranger after asking for permission. Then we had a pleasant conversation and exchanged email addresses. If one avoids certain miserable topics, then the conversation will become more enjoyable for both parties. Every cute little fluffy white cloud has its dark lining. We acted as a filter for the stranger who was forming the first impression of our world. The priority we attached to things shaped the landscape he saw, just as the whims of others decided on what we perceived of the world.

Then we went to the museum again and studied more paintings. We really like gazing upon the youthful red cheeks of people and the shimmering trees in the paintings. We also like the curves of nude sculptures. There was a photo that caught our eyes. The alignment of chimneys, the shadows they cast and the lines of roof top form striking pattern. There was another photo with winding curves that are railways leading away.