We grok that we are at an cusp, but we are too tired right now to evaluate it. Still we want to post this to mark the cusp on the correct date. (Well, we could just SQL update the date.😏)

Right now we will just write something non-cuspy: the Calendar app on Windows 10. The calendar associated to the Microsoft account seems to be local whereas the one associated to the Outlook account is synced to the cloud, so can be synced to our Android phone. To put this into context, let us remark that our Microsoft account and Outlook account share the same email address and password, so we thought that they were just one thing.

We are starting to use technology to track the talks that we will go to. blush Accidentally, we spent too much time filling in the events in the calendar this time. We believed that we had not been going to enough talks until about 8 months ago, partly because we were told that we had gone to too many talks without learning anything about 30 months ago. We interpreted that as an advice against going to talks. However what we should have done was to go to talks and get something out of them. Should work harder. (Rant: OMG, today's talk was bad. Speaker couldn't write k and K (resp. x and X) in distinguishable forms. brain going blank in disbelief We should have taken a picture of the blackboard and shared the frustration with the world.) Another cause for stopping to join the activities was a mounting feeling of hopelessness and futility, that we do not want to go into.

By now we have recovered a bit from exhaustion from teaching. Next time we need to write down the part of speech that is somewhat philosophical and that hints at bigger ideas. We noticed that we had wanted to express the ideas simultaneous. This had the effect of being unorderly, but we couldn't help it. (Really really hate talking in sequential languages. :P ) We suffered a bit of language barrier. It is weird that everybody took it for granted that we could adapt with ease so that he/she did not help us adapt at all and blamed us for failing to adapt. Moreover, everyone assumed that we knew tons of things that he/she classifies as common sense. There are a lot of things that one would never ever think about looking until told by others, if one has a vastly different upbringing. There are a lot things one does not take as axioms until brainwashed by media. That was part of reason that our life had been quite rough in the past 3 years, which may continue to be depending how we resolve the cusp.

By now we have realised that we would have to write about the cusp in another blog article...