Decorated Space

Tuji had a dream of flying off in a rocket! It had a sad prequel. The trip was to be around a week, but parents were already getting rid of Tuji's stuff. Tuji threw a tantrum about wanting to keep all of his stuff intact when he returned. It was not up to others to decide what to keep and what to throw away. Tuji rode up to space, the bitter thoughts still lingering.

At one point, Tuji thought that he was nothing but curvature in space and that mass was just perception of space. His moving about was just space deforming. Wait, what if one puts stuff of the same mass distribution as Tuji in the place of Tuji? Probably Tuji was more than curvature. He had more features that distinguished him from other parts of the space. Thus he mended his idea and decided that he was some decorated space instead. He still tried to ditch the idea of mass being more fundamental. Tuji danced across the street, with the space rippling in his wake.

Black hole is fun, twisting and twirling light so that one object has myriads of images, a chaotic pattern of splinters of all.

What do you call a black hole? The singularity? The thing up to the event horizon? The black nothingness you see?