The site says that a new design called DeviantArt Eclipse will be rolled out. In order to see what it is like, I did a search... only to hear all the negative opinions. All the opinions drowned out evaluation of new features. As a result I still don't know what the change will be like. I gave up knowing at this stage. I have a general feeling that nowadays people are very vocal against changes and like to use strong language.

I mainly use the site to host my drawings along with captions. I also mark some nice work from others as favourites and sometimes I put others on my watch list. It is weird that DA calls this single-sided watching relationship as friendship. Very rarely people interact with me by commenting, sending notes or asking for commissions. (So far commissions do not go well. People have strange requests.) I am grateful to people who share their reactions to my painting to me. O Kindred spirits, though we never meet, we share similar thoughts.

Current site does not look aesthetically pleasing. My gallery does not look good. Also today I finally realised why not all my paintings appear in my gallery. It uses javascript for loading more when I near the bottom, but sadly javascript has been disabled. Can do a button saying load more.

Today I finally noticed that DeviantArt had a forum after being a member for more than three years. 😂 Anyway it does not look attractive to me. What I need most is more time to myself to draw and to explore. I would like to get constructive comments, but those are difficult to come by just like it is difficult to get good friends and DA forum does not look like the place to get them. It would be nice to have some encouragement, but I can do without it. Thus my need is already satisfied. Just don't chase the good artists away so that I can keep seeing their work.

A lot of people complained about DeviantArt being a cesspool of fetish. I personally have experienced disconcerting fan art for my beloved Ace Attorney series and an inexplicable over-abundance of ponies. I have nothing against the ponies, but can I see some other stuff for a change? Mostly I see gorgeous art on the Daily Deviation section. The Newest Deviation section is mostly daringly terrible. I guess the world is indeed in need of more shy people.

It is hard to find hidden gems. Again this is like getting good friends in real world. Keep exploring.

I should also post my paintings on my own blog.