So what do you bring with you when evacuating? If this had been the utmost emergency evacuation, you would have just gotten the hell out of it as fast as possible. Tuji put on some clothes, stuffed his laptop, iPad and their power cords, portable hard disks, one box of various cards and one overcoat into a backpack and ran for the exit. While exiting, he grabbed the keys and a bath towel hanging near the exit door. Wallet and cellphone were already in his pockets, so there was no extra stuffing. The bag already contained a torch and a pen and a ruler... Thus these stuff also followed Tuji through evacuation.

The evacuation message did not say if it was a fire emergency or not, which left others and Tuji wonder if they should take the elevator or not. While they were hesitating between the elevator and the stairwell, the elevator arrived swiftly. Thus it looked that taking the elevator would be the fastest way out. Thus we got into the elevator. It stopped at a lower floor where many people tried to get on. The elevator filled up, leaving several people behind. Then the firemen switched in, which was indicated by a sign lighting up in the elevator. The elevator reached ground floor without stopping. The people inside the elevator poured out. OK. Tuji was quite slow in evacuating as the firemen already arrived. Next time run away faster.

A group of people now gathered outside the building, wondering what was going on. Apparently everything looked normal; otherwise people would not have needed to wonder. A few minutes later, the fire engines left.

Coming to think about it, Tuji left his basil behind. Tuji also left Shirley behind.