Examination of the Past

Banging head all afternoon trying to recall the street addresses we have lived at has been futile. Even more futile was the attempt to pinpoint (up to months) the dates of moving in and moving out. We didn't keep a record... and actually destroyed traces like mails and utility bills. ;_; After some more struggle, we gave up and let our mind wander to other directions.

We realise the horror that after obtaining enough such information from us, an evil party could impersonate us very well. :O For example, if we call our bank for sensitive operations on our accounts, to confirm our identity, the representative would send us through several rounds of multiple choices, like picking our former residential addresses out of a bunch of options.

In the past we managed to go through loads of bureaucracy. We shut up and did the job, as we had no other choice but to do it and anyway we didn't have anything else we were truly passionate about. Now it was our desire for a potentially more fulfilling life that led to all the vexation. If we would just stop aspiring for a bit, the chores would not have presented themselves in the first place. It would be just smooth sailing and we would eventually come to terms with life no matter how oppressive and stagnant it is.

Thus we'll come often to complain and reflect here. :P