It's the end of year, so how about we play a new game. Thus it came to pass that Tuji started farming... in Stardew Valley.

Step 1. Make a character that represents you.

When in doubt, go with my original character design: red hair, red and green eyes, blue clothes... I mean, each eye has two hues and it turns out fine with a mysterious golden sheen.

Step 2. Let the game begin.

It was stressful. Everyday Tuji needed to water the plants and to run errands for the town-folks who look the same to me but with different names. The only memorable person was Shane who always flatly told Tuji to go away.

Thankfully Tuji noticed that he did not need to eat at all. This took away a lot of stress out of staying alive. His little farm would not have been able to produce enough nor did he have enough funds to buy food.

Then the mine was revealed. It sucked in Tuji who started to ignore the townfolks as he set his heart on reaching the bottom of it. Due to lack of funds for better equipment, Tuji progressed excruciatingly slowly and the stress of having to navigate in the dark to get to bed set in.

Overall, it is just so stressful.