Finished Reading the Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Spoilers ahead.

I feel so saddened when Mike dissipated and Prof died at the end of the war. Did Mike know that he would cease to exist and would never be able to work on humour? He knew that Terra bombing Luna was one of the factors leading to victory and that bombing would break his filament of structures. The innocent Mike, who always said 'Man, my oldest and best friend', evolved into many personalities. Then Mike was no more.

I wonder what it would be like if Prof could prevent the new government from following bad examples of human history with Mike projecting the outcome for each choice.

One element missing in this Sci-Fi novel is the now prevalent cellphones. In addition, Mike still printed out loads of stuff and programs were still read on punched paper. Nowadays we probably have enough storage to make a back-up copy of Mike. 😢