First Impression of Rust (3)

I noticed that I sort of program in a meta-programming language. When I need to write down the code, I look up how one writes certain features in a particular programming language. Thus it is important to learn of new features that crop up due to new needs that arise out of all the new advances.

Garbage Collection alleviates the burden of managing memory. Yet it is unpredictable. You never know when it will pause everything and start collecting garbage. The need of the time is predictablity without manual memory management. Thus the concept of ownership was born. When the owner dies, release the memory of its belongings.

Now I finished reading Chapter 6 which deals with enum and match. That was hard to wrap my head around. I don't have a good grasp yet. enum looks like struct but it contains parallel things rather than serial things in struct. I don't get template yet.

There are many types of null as there are many types of infinity.