First Impression of Rust

I felt curious so I started reading the book. Currently the most useful programming language is Javascript, because most of the things I need to do are on the Web and it is easiest to use Javascript to interface with the Web. Rust should be more comparable to C++.

After saying hello world, the book talks about the package system, Cargo, for dependency and building projects.

The first real example is a number guessing game. (The zeroth is Hello World.) At a glance, it looks complicated. The complexity comes from error handling, which is a topic usually omitted or postponed in old textbooks. Then there is also the cute mut, because the compiler needs help with optimisation. In addition, one has to pull in the rand dependency to generate random numbers. During the expository of the example, the book talks about how to view the docs of the modules, which is essential to learning.

I really like what the book puts at the foremost: package, error handling and documentation.

Rust seems to have an interesting macro system, which I haven't read up to. All I know currently is the manifestation of ! in println!.