Flyer's License

What Tuji got in first pass

To get a permit to fly flying saucers one needs to master all of its manoeuvres. The possible manoeuvres are constrained by the structure of the configuration space [space parametrising location+orientation of vehicle]. A certain form on the contact manifold dictates that it can roll along an axis that is parallel to its velocity vector. A conformal structure on I don't remember where dictates the manoeuvre of rolling along an axis that is orthogonal to its velocity vector. Then there is the G2 structure that gives a cubic curve somewhere. The parameter space can be realised as two contacting balls and one uses that thingamajig to control the vehicle.

I guess I failed the exam. No permit for me. ;_; BTW this is all for flying in three dimensional space.

First pass means listening to lecture.

What Tuji got in second pass

Tuji downloads the manual to read... (Sorry for not linking.)

It could be fun and fulfilling to figure out, but why am I running out of time again? ;_; Thus Tuji gave up the second pass.

Aside: Daily dose of sadness

I shouldn't read news at all. I have too high an empathy level. I should devote the time to learning to pilot a flying saucer instead.

I hereby declare that I will abstain from reading news the entire April. If you want to draw my attention to any news, please tell me directly.

Why are there so many sad ridiculous things happening? Why are people involved telling me just to bear with it? They say that things are going in a good direction, while I see a totally different trend.