Free Food and Chatting

Today there was no seminars. [Edit: Later we were told that there were many 15-minute talks.] On the other hand, there was tons of free food. We stood in the one and only tall building. The autumn forest spread out all around us. People around were tasting wine and cheese. We got into a chat just when we motioned to leave. It was hard to engage in conversations, but somebody approached us. Then we started talking about Mathematics. The more Mathematics one knows, the longer the conversation can hold out. There seems to be need to have dinner after we had so much afternoon tea. In the evening, we still got hungry. As we were working, we could not get food. After we dragged our energy-depleted zombie-body back to our temporary abode, a kind room-mate made us some avocado-banana smoothie! It is startling in a positive way that people being extremely nice to each other is the norm in this world. Back home, we get teased and scolded at every possible moment.

We got into trouble again because of our allergy to sunshine and water... What a nuisance being a zombie!

It is interesting that one bumps into various acquaintances wherever one goes. People striving for the same goal end up in close proximity. There is always the haunting feeling that we are gradually dropping out. Then they will see us no more.

Today we should have concentrated more on reading an arXiv paper which is related to a talk the other day, but we went to Discord to chat. Similarly, the more gaming one knows, the longer the conversation can hold out. We soon left Discord.

Right now we probably should focus on cutting down our research statement to 3 pages to satisfy the requirement for one particular position. Currently, there are 2 pages of references. lol.