Ghost 2.0

I noticed that Ghost 2.0 was out! How time flies! I feel envious and beaten, as they achieved so much while I did essentially nothing.

I haven't upgraded this blog yet!

OMG! I tested the new editor on my local machine.

Inserting non-text objects is a breeze now! Type / at the start of a line. For images, well, one still needs to go through the OS file browser to select the image.

MarkDown and HTML can be completely separated. I am against that MarkDown, in its quest for power, allows embedding of HTML. Is it mainly used to supply the table capability? This is where Org-mode beats MarkDown, but one needs an editor to enable easy operation on tables. I wonder if grid-layout will completely replace tables in the future.

My custom theme which was just a minor modification of Casper broke. The abominable .kg-markdown-card is finally gone!!! I quickly fixed the theme. Then I realised that I don't really fancy the three-column layout on wide screens. For a pictureless blog, a plain list of blog entries suffices.

I suppose that there is a way to extract all the images in a post now, as images are now separate from MarkDown. There will probably no need to set a featured image. We will have more freedom to decide how to use of the resources contained in a post to decorate the pages. We are no longer bound by the constraints of MarkDown. The Koenig editor combines all and lets each component work at its most fitting area.

The fundamental change is the emancipation images from the tyranny of MarkDown. Images can be styled more easily without going full HTML. We are no long limited by the capability of MarkDown. Also other objects can be included without stretching MarkDown's syntax.

It's lovely!