Ghost and Cloudflare

[Update: It is an issue of minifier. Sorry for doubting the hotel connection.]

Is there a caching issue with some js files or is it just us because of our poor hotel network?

After upgrading Ghost, we cannot get into the admin interface. Chrome complains about unexpected string in vendor.min-blahblah.js and ghost.min-blahblah.js and the loading animation just keeps playing without loading anything.

Tuj added a page rule to tell Cloudflare to bypass caching for the admin page. Problem NOT solved.

Tuj located the offending line in vendor.min-blahblah.js loaded via Cloudflare. There is a missing semicolon which supposedly should separate the following string "exports" from what goes before. The version loaded directly from the Ghost blog contains an extra carriage return!!! Is Cloudflare trying to minify an already minified js file? According to the help, it does not minify js files with .min in the file name. Liar! Also why does Ghost ship js files depending on carriage returns rather than semicolons to delimit the statements? Partial solution: turn off javascript auto-minifier in Cloudflare.