Today started with a long flight. After reading an article on philosophy, Tuji fell asleep. A few hours later, he was awoken by breakfast service. Sleepy with no appetite, he finished the breakfast. Then he watched a film set in New York City... which brought back fond memories. It seems that all the films he watched were watched while flying... After landing, Tuji received a book as gift to welcome him to the city. Uwao!

Thank you, Will, for the book. I really appreciate it.

Random people may walk into exhibitions on a whim. They may be carrying improbable stuff, unaware of the fact that they will walk into a museum in the next minute.

Tuji spent 3 hours in the marvellous exhibition. The part near the entrance was relatively crowded. Then the crowd thinned, as people generally were not patient enough to read descriptions and walked on. It was nice to have space available to explore the set-up. The only downside was that it was too cold without the crowd, says Tuji, still in Summer attire from visiting a tropical island... Tuji tried to analyse the group action and realised that wallpaper groups were not that straightforward.

Afterwards Tuji's watch ran 5 minutes faster. This obviously should have nothing to do with the warped space of the exhibition. Tuji's scientifically inclined mind mused that this was due to the dilation effect of time as in the theory of relativity. Probably the world left Tuji on a quick trip and then came back... Or it was just a perturbation of gravitational field. Or Tuji simply walked too much.

After the exhibition, he felt really exhausted both physically and mentally. He even forgot to pick up the improbable stuff he dropped off. He ran back into the museum.