Good Adventure with Sea-sickness

One day I sat randomly next to a woman and brooded. We talked a bit afterwards and reached the conclusion that I was weird. Another day I was riding a subway with others and made it very clear how I sucked in transportation. Then we just set off on a ferry to another tropical island together. Yes, that's exactly how one forms friendship!!!

Sea-sickness not only messes up one's stomach but also one's brain. (Last time I regurgitated Shimura varieties on a car trip.) I had no idea how our cash exploded into humongous numbers. Anyway the world has messed up the economy of this country with turquoise water, red soil, cool breeze, scorching sunshine and gently-sloping beaches.

Other people in my group seemed to have travel plans, so I just followed around. We visited many temples and my sea-sick brain decided that I should tell them some horror story. It is not easy to retell stories or I am simply bad with words.

Soon I stopped being sea-sick by switching to car-sickness. We had amazing seafood lunch-dinner, noticed that the sun was setting soon and rushed to the beach with only twilight remaining. The beach was lined with streaks of dark dry sands and shimmering wet sands. Waves surged gently with soft slushy sound, never crashing, while the light dimmed rapidly. This kind of moments always hold me in awe as it reminds me of the rapid passage of time. We didn't stay long for the time for the ferry back was nigh.

The rain started to drizzle and then pour. The energised waves rocked us from side to side (within safety limit, so no worries.🌞). I fought sea-sickness valiantly by falling into hibernation, while our king continued to hold jolly good conversations and beamed with dignity on to his sea-sick subjects.