Hectic Packing

Packing takes up cognitive resources. :( Now we probably have all the essentials packed. What awaits us at the end of the journey?


  • Towel

Well, we also packed soap, pants, knife, cell phone, money, passports...

It really made a difference mentally after we submitted our paper. We want to do so many things, like reading papers and books, drawing and coding. We are not really into games. :( For example, we have downloaded Terra Battle 2, but haven't played at all. :( It is now just taking up huge space.

OMG, we briefly read a paper on covering congruence relations. The idea is nice. The authors produced a fibration structure on certain solution space and did some estimation on density. As we are just too distant from this field, we are not sure how meaningful this is even though Erdos's name is attached.

OMG, we even reviewed a paper before the trip. It is not clear to us why the authors cared about such a problem. Earliest occurrence of negative 'Hecke eigenvalue'? We do understand the significance of symmetric power L-functions.

There are a lot of people working in various nooks of the world. Are we doing things that are meaningful? Are we simply labouring over triviality? Should we come out our nooks and get in touch with the big world? We will go hunting now instead of waiting for jettisons that come our way. We want to see more things. So let's challenge us by reading a paper on Hilbert modular forms on the plane.

To make the trip smooth:

We are flying with an unpublished proof of the Riemann Hypothesis. :P