I like games!

I like solving problems and games are problem-solving without the messy part. Unlike real life problems, there is bound to be a way. That's why games hold more sway over me than the real world does. Sometimes I cheat games by using meta-info. One example of meta-info is 'a solution exists'.

I love Snakebirds!!!

Today let's discuss Blocks with Letters on. I recalled fondly the out-of-tune singing after solving all the levels. I love it very much! There is also More Blocks with Letters on. This naming scheme is not very sustainable though. I don't know if the series continues with what names. Yet More Blocks with Letters on? The similarity with Snakebirds is the stupidity of the graphics, which I love very much, and the grid layout.

I remember sometimes I figured out which letters must be sacrificed, used an anagram solver to get the correct word to form and continued with planning. Finding anagram is not my strong point especially my vocabulary contains a large amount of non-English words. Everything looks like a meaning word. ;_; Also I don't derive joy after solving anagrams just as I don't feel anything when playing hidden object games, which I avoided. Thus this boring part went to the anagram solver. It took skill to figure out the letters that constitute the word. Figuring out when to delegate is an art. However sometimes there turned up multiple possible words, but the stage set-up ensured only one word could be achieved. This could be an aha moment I missed out.

It was a very well-thought out game. Letters getting stuck on sticky surfaces was just hilarious. Sometimes you wish that there were more levels. In the end you get bored and yearn for new mechanics to fiddle with.