The lecture began with the speaker finishing what she did not finish last time. We had forgotten about why we did what we did last time. It was all about a complicated construction, but we were quite lost on its use. Thus we stacked the idea away.

The next speaker seemed to have talked about familiar things in an arithmetic guise, so we got lost. It was a different point of view which we have been striving to adopt.

While sipping our cup of reddish-coloured green tea that tasted absolutely weird, we got into an indescribably conversation. We spoke words but they filled up the time without conveying any meaning. The only purpose was probably getting our presence registered in other's consciousness, so that they may think of us in the future and may invite us to join events.

Then we went to another lecture room. Having had enough with modular forms, we found it really endearing when the speaker adopted the same notion that we were more accustomed to. There must be an argument that links properties of automorphic forms to non-vanishing of (g, K)-cohomology. Somehow you get an L-value that dictates if the (g, K)-cohomology vanishes or not. Unfortunately, the speaker did not talk about idea of proofs. We should have pressed him to clarify the statements of the theorems in lecture. We only got to ask some questions after the lecture. We left still confused. We had wanted to look up a related paper during the lecture, but we could not connect to eduroam. It seemed that something happened on our world a galaxy away, so that we could not get authenticated to use eduroam here. In addition, nearly all websites from our host institution were down. The problem still persisted. Was it solar flare?

Then we followed the crowd for dinner and had some conversation. People went out of their way to fetch us some food, which made us nervous.

After the dinner, due to disruption of service of eduroam, we had a very hard time locating a bus stop that did not possess a sign. If all failed, we would have had to take a 60-minute walk under the starry sky back to our sublet house.