Let's Play Vertebrae (13-16)

  • Level 13

Inconspicuous bone-breaking spot.

Use your rod to drive the crate. This configuration makes it possible to go through the gate without losing bone.

Then tail-curl push about.

  • Level 14

That's a bit unfair to test out new mechanics. Give me enough land to experiment.

Pick up the vertebra. Now I can bite my tail except I have to maneuver a bit to get into biting position. We all know the protruding pathway is glaringly important. Go right. You get a lose vertebra more strategically placed than in the beginning. Push it as far right as possible.

Go through the gate without losing anything. Reattach the vertebra. Ugh, not enough space to fit me at the top. Fine. Send bone in first.

  • Level 15

Inconspicuous bone-breaking spot! Now I am agile enough to deal with the left button. The right one is easy.

  • Level 16

Key configuration:

Send bone in first. Then reattach and get into this pose. Then it is easy.