Let's Play Vertebrae (17-20)

Longish at length 6. We can do more fancy poses!

  • Level 17

Sure, let's pick up the extra vertebra. I am this long. Surely, I can manage this.

I am too long. Then I am too short. So send in bone first. Then I can reattach and push.

Then pick up all your scattered bones and leave.

  • Level 18

I am too long. I can only carry 4 vertebrae with me without losing any. The art of the breaking off one vertebra with a crate.

Get to the other side and reattach. Then get the crate onto the button.

Next for the bottom crate we need the hook technique. To get into hook position, I need quite a large area. Is there a better way? The blue part is the area I need.

  • Level 19

I need to be agile with tail of length 1. Find some way to send bones in. The plan: break of this L shape and send it in. Then go back home and break one bone off and put it at the reachable spot. Go through gate. Attach all bones. Then done.

  • Level 20

Get one crate onto the left button.

Get one crate onto the middle button in the button row to push it onto the right one. Your length maybe annoying. Consider biting off some.

Hook maneuver to get the last crate in and push it onto one button.

Now use hook maneuver to hook the crate on the left button in. Do this remotely.