Let's Play Vertebrae (25-28)

  • Level 25

Break off one bone. Move it to the middle. Go to the other side.

Set top crate. Reattach. Then carefully straighten yourself properly and then curl around bottom crate.

Move left a bit and right a bit and left a bit and the crate is set and you are free to leave.

  • Level 26

I am too long. What is this obnoxious diagonal shape?!

Found the reattachment point. The rest is easy. Well, relatively. As one progresses and gets more familiar with one's powers, the feeling of what's easy changes.

  • Level 27

It's a bone transport problem...

I bring the two crates up in one fell swoop. I break a bone and bring it up too.

Get the crates out of the way. Eventually I need two crates at the top. Use a variant of hook maneuver to get crate in position for the grand set-up.

I want to break like so.

Then I can push down, move bone to the right, slip through gate and reattach.

The rest is easy.

  • Level 28

Why you so far away?!!! The key point is to transport crate using distant hook method.

Ugh. The reef at the bottom is annoying. Now the crate is at top row. Then hook again. The rest is easy.