Let's Play Vertebrae (33-36)

  • Level 33

Tail length 11. I can't count. I assume the level designer doesn't want me to lose a bone. Thus the distance to top button must be 11.

And there's an inopportune rock...

I can carry only two bones across and I can't do it on my own. So I'll make use of a rock... or gate.

Push crate away.

Break appropriately.

Long rod remote control!

The rest is easy.

  • Level 34

WTF. Tail length 12. Let me take a screenshot.

It turns out that the procedure is similar to that of level 33. Long rod making is slightly more elaborate.

  • Level 35

Never mind... I can't solve it without a graphics software...

Just keep hooking in.

  • Level 36

These levels feel so cumbersome... The earlier ones feel so ingenious!

OMG 14 tail bones... The key point is to be careful.

Get crate down the chute and go to the right part and push with tail.