Let's Play Vertebrae (41-44)

I think I reached game+.

  • Level 41

I am short. I am captured by crates. Key point: break out appropriately so that you have the correct hook.

  • Level 42

So I have an uncrushable bone/crate now. Make use of it to pass through gate unharmed.

  • Level 43

Is the blue thing important? Other than skull everything else can pass through it. After some inspection, I see if I can get all crate out, then the level is achievable.

Use crate to hold gate open.

Get out carefully.

Bit tail. Use this configuration. Go through gate tail first.

Done. Note the bottom two crates are connected.

  • Level 44

I shouldn't break myself prematurely.

Carefully use tail to push the left two crates out. Go down and tediously tail-push them up.

Due to crampedness, we have to be of tail length 5 to hook the right two crates down, so break self up appropriately.

Apply hooking technique.

Then tediously push the right two crates up.