Let's Play Vertebrae (45-48)

  • Level 45

Well, this is the way to attach to the vertebrae. Now what?

Break like this so that you have a handle to lift crate trains up.


  • Level 46

I know how to get crushed instinctively. I don't remember I am writing a walkthrough anymore.

OK. How about this?

  • Level 47

Cut self up.

Push the corner piece up.

Then twist. Done!

  • Level 48

I don't want to drag crates for hours either.

You break yourself into pieces to make a carriage like this. This is probably just one of the solutions. Then get rid of the extra vertebra. Guillotine!

Once you go right, you will get attached to the right bone. Keep going right to push the crate off the screenshot onto button.

Then go left.

This level is especially cruel.