Library is a dangerous place.

I passed by a library. It cast an irresistible spell on me. Mechanically I walked in and borrowed a book... Library is a dangerous place. As a creator, one should not spend all the time consuming, especially in this age where endless engaging content is generated by algorithms. The works are not ostensibly repetitious. They grip you, but you still feel starving after the feast. BTW now I identify myself as creator! For example, I draw the worlds I think up. And to think all those years people kept telling me that creativity was not my strong point. Fine. I may not be stellar creative; I just want to make stuff. Please don't try to train my social skill any more. Even I understand that it is essential, but it is just not going to work for me because I cannot grasp what is going on in social situation.

One thought blob:

There are so many things that cannot conveyed at all. It just seems that people's mind just got blocked so that they cannot take the smallest step from one statement to another. On the other hand, Tuji will never be able to understand socialisation. Tuji could learn some basic techniques, but fail to apply them in real life situation. We share the same frustration: how are we supposed to know when to use the techniques. To solve a maths problem, people randomly apply formulae or theorems. Unfortunately in social cases, one cannot do this brute-force enumeration. People are very different. Probably not really of the same species.