Localised Info

I find localised search of Google most often annoying. Sometimes I really want to know how people elsewhere do certain things and Google shows on the first page of search results local info which can be barely related. So we wallow in the opinionated local thoughts, disallowed to perceive the global world.

As one travels from place to place, one can see that search results change. [Sorry I don't have concrete evidence. I just feel I didn't get the right search result.] People from different parts of the world are exposed to different things. Concepts will skew. Misunderstanding from different places will be more common. Local biases will be strengthened. I think Google is contributing to a more segregated world by enabling localised search by default.

I don't want a personalised search either. Well, maybe one skewed towards maths is fine? I think I am better not knowing stuff outside maths. Well, I am not so sure, so please just present the results without personalisation. If I need maths results, I will explicit say so.