Lunch and Lectures

We were roaming. We went to lunch and unabashedly sat down at a French table. We talked about various things, including the haunting topic of job-searching. ;_;

Then we went to lectures. The first one basically computed Fourier expansion of Eisenstein series. Armed with a version for higher rank case, we could handle all the inaccuracies and idiosyncrasies. We would not have been able to follow without prior knowledge. Maybe this style of teaching is just not for us.

Then the new faculties introduced their work. We could not handle the slides and almost fell asleep. The last speaker opted for blackboard. In addition, the material was related to us, so we managed to keep awake. The details were swept away as the talks were meant to be short. We asked the speaker after the talk about possible generalisation. There seems to be a technical issue at the cusps that prevents generalisation. We needed to print out the paper to learn the techniques.

Everybody is energetic and with uplifted spirits here. Everybody knows thoroughly about his/her field of study.