I am designing a high-tech magical world. To cast magic one needs a magic wand. At one tip are embedded 7 cameras that will determine the target of magic. More than 1 lens is required to get depth information. Some cameras are used to analyse the composition of material of the target etc. When casting magic, one is supposed to point the magic wand to the target. For AOE magic, one should circle the region of targets. Use voice command to choose the magic to cast. Say "Use magic: fire" for example. To actually cast the chosen magic, one pressed the confirmation button on the magic wand. There is also a cancel button. In the fire magic case, a wormhole will be created near the target and fire will gush forth. This uses the supply of fire from a dedicated furnace that is tended by hoards of slaves. There is also a reservoir for water magic, a wind tunnel for wind magic and a quarry for earth magic. It is required that one returns the used earth within 5 minutes of usage.

Activation of magic wand costs magic points. This is to avoid over-usage of the said resources above. One may replenish magic points using Ether (which is a block-chain currency :3).