Manual Migration of Blog Posts

We are aware of the wordpress to ghost exporter, but we would like to get a little bit more familiar with the database structure that backs a blog and also we would like to take this chance to remove some useless posts.

If one disregards user authorisation, then there are three major objects: posts, tags and users which are, not surprisingly, stored in the tables, posts, tags, users respectively. There is, in addition, a table, posts_tags, that records the relation of posts and tags. Theoretically one can publish posts by directly injecting stuff into the database. (shudder) Thus migrating posts is relatively easy.

We manually copied over the contents of two posts from the old blog, assigned tags and then ran SQL to update the values of created_at, updated_at and published_at. Then the two posts look as if they have always existed on this blog.

The table settings contains all the settings of the blog; the table permissions contains all possible operations on the blog. Some are not used. And the rest are beyond us. :3