Meikyuu no Isekai 2

Chapter 4. 図書館

As you can see the distribution of my meagre Japanese vocabulary is odd. I continue with town building. There is a main library in the midst of residential area. It has a domed reading/studying area. The windows on the dome provided good lighting while filtering out glaring direct light. There are discussion room and work rooms. Many of the residents work freelance and remotely. Yes, everybody does what he/she enjoys. Even though I haven't decided whether to have sexual duality in isekai, I leave he/she there. The residents tend to bring stuff into the library and work in the work rooms. There is a mysterious power that makes people more concentrated in the library, which is also the case on Earth. In addition to the main library, there are many more branches in residential areas. The communities seem to be built around libraries. This mode of working avoids unnecessary commuting. As a result, the traffic in the streets is moderate. When one really needs to commute, the ride is smooth.

Guys, I'm back from the state library. It was marvellous!

Takumi continued to weigh the importance of the two questions in the town hall. One does not give up one's own world on a whim unless one is so sure that any other world is better than one's own world. He wished that there had been a FAQ pamphlet, FAQ for travellers from another world.

"We don't know any definitive method for you to get back to your world. We would like to visit your world as well. You may live here, rectify regrets, enjoy your life, fulfil your dreams... There's a Japanese community called 冒険者ギルド which you may want to check out." said the receptionist.

"People who hesitate for so long are usually overthinking the question of leaving or staying. We welcome everyone." the receptionist added.

This town is much friendlier than most Earth countries who dangle and snatch away one's right of residence.

"I worry about my unfinished work back in my world. It is irresponsible of me to vanish." said Takumi.

"I'm sorry we can't help. We wish we understood the mechanics of travelling between the worlds."

Do they really care if I vanish without finishing my work, wondered Takumi, given the situation as it is, they will just have to find a way to deal with the unfinished work while I have a vacation here.

Chapter 5. トイレ

The place Conan-kun goes often. I am a realistic person. Takumi should go to the bathroom as well!

Where is this world? What age is it? What is beyond this town? What kind of society is it? Takumi was full of questions. I wouldn't be able to answer these questions to a visitor to my world either, he thought. One lives in the world and one gradually grasps the idea.

It was a harsh world that did not welcome my coming. Actually it was nice world in general except that all the nice things were not for me.

Is there a sun? Are the laws of physics still hold? Is there magic? How much do people here grasp? An average person on Earth probably is not going to talk about quantum mechanics, right? Takumi thought.

Actually I was thinking.

Despite wanting to ask myriads of questions, Takumi had to take leave to use the toilet.

Wait, I haven't built the toilets. Toilets depend on the physiology of residents of that world. On Earth, the excretion functions in humans are mixed up with shapes of genitals. Thus this is probably the point to decide whether to have sextual duality or not. Is water resource abundant? What is the digestive system like?

"We are of the same species." Shinta made a quick but resounding statement. So that we can mate and produce offsprings, a vague thought arose in Takumi. A species united by genes but splintered irreconcilably in culture, in upbringing, in mentality, in outlook, in opportunities.