Meikyuu no Isekai 3

Chapter 6. 仕事

It would be very inconvenient for the isekai to remain nameless. Thus I opened my font folder to find a name. From now on this isekai will be called Ado Becas Lonpro. No, not San Serriffe.

Takumi returned from the toilet presently. "I'd like to work to support myself." Despite being not sure of the economics system, he ventured this request. One has to start somewhere or remain forever ignorant.

"What would you like to work on?"

"What kind of work is available?"

"Whatever you like."

Takumi reflected on his passion. For everything he liked, he remembered somebody had told him that he would never beat those talented hard-working people already in the field.

He wondered how he had settled on his job on Earth. The flow deposited him there in a big corporation in marketing. Everyday there were tasks to be done. Brainstorming and execution. That didn't leave him much time to think about what he wanted for himself.

The author decided to go with the stereotype of Japanese people. He tried to recall what the company in the 島耕作 series was like. I should have cast Takumi in my position. Now it is going to be difficult and fake.

He had always wanted to make a game with exotic environment, deep story, clever puzzles that naturally occur rather than being grafted on... but it took dedication and perseverance to carry out in a really long span of time. He hesitated if he should devote his precious spare time to it or to something more meaningful. In the evaluation of meaningfulness, time passes meaninglessly.

Meanwhile, Pixel made the amazing 洞窟物語. Curly does not have to die. Cry. The game I described vaguely here is reminiscent of Riven, Gorogoa...

In his subconsciousness, making a game didn't qualify as meaningful enough. Why not? Something on Earth somehow assigned a hierarchy of meaningfulness to various endevours. An urge in him began to stir. He wanted to know about this world, Ado Becas Lonpro. He liked it already with its charming architecture, friendly people and the mystery of everything to discover!

I am not very sure of what to do with Shinta, the super friendly guy, who basically only commented on toilets.

He said that he wanted to learn about Ado Becas Lonpro, that he wanted to paint various scenes of Ado Becas Lonpro and that ultimately that he wanted to use everything he soaked up as back drop of his game. Shinta was excited about the game and he was very impressed by Takumi's sophisticated plan.

Takumi then added that he would like to learn one of the major languages of Ado Becas Lonpro. Even though communicating in Japanese was fine so far, he was sure a lot of things were too subtle to convey when transformed into another language. One has to make an effort to understand another culture.

I am one who still don't know what Shifgrethor is after going through the book of examples. I am one who feels uncomfortable with the Tardis MITM translation business.