Meikyuu no Isekai 6

Chapter 9. 温泉

Following Shinta's advice, Takumi went for the onsen. He sat in the water, lost in thought. Still alive, in an alien world, with a strange self-imposed mission of getting to know the world. Takumi smirked with satisfaction.

Someone was humming an alien tune in the bath. The tune expired with time, never to recur. However the perception of its strange beauty remained, intensifying the loss. "I'm not equipped with the right set of skills. Someone else would be much more useful than I am..." Takumi regretted his lack of music training. "But I am so happy that I am the one who heard it." Happy thoughts expelled his dark regrets.

/No, I'm not going to compose a tune for the occasion. I can't due to lack of music training./

"Beautiful." Takumi blurted out. The person accepted the compliment. His name was Korly and he was an adventurer. His group returned to town from exploration just in time for the Matsuri.

"Do you fight monsters?"

"They are other species. Some prey on us. Thus we defend ourselves. Some fear us. Some are simply playful."

"Are there dragons?"

"Yes, but we don't really understand each other due to being too different. We seem to have totally different concerns and priorities. I wish I could think in different ways."

"Are there dragons living among humans?"

Korly paused for a while. "Yes and in fact I'm a dragon. Shape-shifted to get inside bath." he announced proudly.

Takumi was amazed.