Meikyuu no Isekai 7

Chapter 10. 相違

"How does shape-shift work?"

"You just try to manifest what you want to be. It takes some trial and error to look handsome though."

Takumi closes his eyes and tries to become a more attractive version of himself. After a while, he stopped this strange attempt. It was not clear that he succeeded in becoming more attractive or not.

/The author noticed that he couldn't think of anything that may demonstrate that humans and dragons think fundamentally differently. He decided to be truthful. He  will tell you something really mundane, of what he did when he first visited Earth. He arrived in the local evening. Apparently due to fatigue from travel he fell asleep, so he didn't wreak havoc on the first day. Then he woke up early next morning, felt hungry and went out to buy breakfast. He couldn't decipher which stores sold food, so he walked into his best bet and inquired what local people usually had for breakfast. The shop assistant instead asked what he wanted for breakfast when he had zero idea what breakfast meant categorically. Thus they were stuck for quite long. Finally the shop assistant suggested blah (which turned out to be toasted bread, scrambled eggs and tea) and he would like the author to confirm this choice of food. The latter hesitated because he didn't know what he was agreeing to, because blah could mean slime or whatever. The shop assistant was helpful, but he couldn't imagine what common sense the clueless traveller was lacking. Oh well, the author was so lame. Later the author figured out that salmon was wonderful and went to a supermarket to buy 0.667 pound of salmon for dinner because that was the amount he needed to consume. He even helpfully rounded the number to one with small height. No, you don't buy exactly what you consume. You buy quarter or half integral of units of things. The author wondered how the arbitrariness of units affect how much people consume. The person who tended the fish counter in the supermarket was amused. He observed the chunk of salmon for a while, pulled out his knife, sliced the salmon with confidence and there was a 0.667-pound piece of salmon! He was amazing with weight!/

/The second time the author visited Earth, it went much better. It was the age of information/big data or whatever, so the author went to buy a sim card. He had a borek for breakfast BTW which felt really heavy... There was a network outage at the local convenience store, so they suggested the author to go to the city centre. The author then realised that he was not properly equipped to locate the geometric centre of a city. Well, it turned out that the city was small enough to fit into the margin of error of its centre. The author totally expected a mega-city./