Meikyuu no Isekai

There we go. I suppose one should not start a light novel in this way. I just want to express my relief of finally spelling out the title.

What's the most common way of getting to isekai? Getting hit by a truck? This author is still undecided. Anyway let's do this.

Oh, I haven't decided on the name of protagonist. Thus I asked a website to generate one. Takumi it is.

Chapter 1. 異世界へ

Takumi-kun was walking in the street. He was just thinking. He was not really thinking. Rather the thoughts just ran through his subconsciousness. He was absent-minded. Then the street view faded and he was walking in the street of another world. He didn't realise the change of view until he was about to make a turn but found that the turn led to a wall. I got lost, Takumi thought, a bit startled. He took out his smartphone to check his coordinates, but there was no signal.

Right, nobody knows how he got to isekai, including me. :3

He looked around the unfamiliar scene. People were dressed in unfamiliar clothes. Shops were selling unfamiliar objects. Unfamiliar animals roamed the street. "Excuse me. I got lost. Where am I?" the passer-by Takumi addressed to looked confused. He spoke something, but Takumi couldn't make heads or tail of it. Is this a foreign land? Takumi wondered. He tried another Earth language. Now more passers-by gathered and tried to help him. Finally he tried his native tongue. Suddenly the tension dispersed. Everybody in isekai understood Japanese which turned out to be one of the common languages in that world. "Many Japanese have come to visit this world and some of them settled down. They've brought interesting things into this world." people told Takumi. "明日祭りがあるんだよ。"面白くと思ってみたがっていた。

But the author doesn't speak Japanese!!! He is at a loss about this world he has just created.

Chapter 2. 悲しみの海

The modern human is bound by many things. Takumi wondered if he should inform his workplace of having a day off. He motioned to type up a message on his phone. Oh, there's no signal, he chuckled at his attempt. His rational mind already knew the fact that there was no signal, but it never registered. It felt irresponsible to just not show up at work. Why can't I have the freedom to use my own time, he wondered. I signed a contract in which I gave away this freedom in return for money to feed myself, he remarked.

At this point, Takumi was still not aware of any means of going back to the world he came from.

Neither doe the author by the way.

A guy named Shinta volunteered to show Takumi around the town.

Er, I need to build a town now... and then there is the matsuri.

This town has a market place in the centre. It is surrounded by a town hall, a post office, a praying venue and a tavern. Then there are bakeries, restaurants, residential houses. There is a square with a fountain in the middle and several trees blooming in pink. The ground is laden with cobblestones. Let's make this patch first. I'll put seven mountains and a river nearby. Geometry of this world?! Locally it is approximable by a Euclidean space. Speed of light in this world? Flips table. Calms down. Suffice it to say that it will not obstruct me from creating the town. Magic? I don't know.

What is the matsuri about? Food, egg-painting, juggling, dancing and singing, so far so generic. Sorry, your creator is not good at creating fun stuff for you to do. Your creator just spent Easter painting eggs.

Chapter 3. 二つの決意

At the town hall, a receptionist welcomed Takumi and gave him a badge which entitled him to free goodies. "We are happy to have you here. Enjoy your stay!" This town made him relax, so he wanted to stay longer or maybe forever.

"How do I go back to my own world? | Can I make my home here?" he wanted to know answers to both questions but he had to choose one to ask first. He actually wanted the best of the two worlds.