Mental Augmented Reality System

Recently I studied some photos of the city from the 19th century. Then I mostly stayed indoors these days, because of Snakebirds...  Then I went out again. Anyway as I roamed the street, as soon as the location matched, I could see the past image overlaid on present-day structures. That was exhilarating! Some sites remained completely unchanged! For some sites one noticed the new additions. In fact, the colours of the new materials differed from the old quite visibly. It also felt disorienting as one had to face two realities simultaneously.

I think I got infected by people's enthusiasm of making up acronyms.

Digression of Snakebirds:

⭐1 was unlocked extremely prematurely and it took me very long to think about hooking the stick onto the spikes and sailing across.

⭐2 is so crowded with just myself. It requires two passes. One needs to get THE KEY FRUIT on first pass. Due to symmetry, there are two equivalent THE KEY FRUIT's.

⭐3. Poor snakebird's head stuck. Well, one just has to get it out and bring everything over to the other side. Just as you think you are done, you drop the frame onto the protruding cloud and it gets stuck. Time to undo.

⭐4. Weight-lifters. Bring the snakebirds together to collaborate. Never ever drop the weights onto the ground.

⭐5. It's just so awkward. Everything is in your way, but never ever throw away the stick. When you are big, teleporting is a chore. Pack yourself well.

⭐6. Have fun lifting the frames.

🕳. You have to get your head stuck to eat cherries. To get out unscathed, the three snakebirds must be strong and support each other. If they put their lengths together, the banana in the sky is exactly within reach. The rainbow square is your hope of escape. Thus never ever drop it onto the ground before transporting it onto the spikes near the worm hole.