There is a street bustling of Italian restaurants in the neighbourhood. Recently I took a closer look and was startled to find that quite a lot of them were closed with façades plastered up with ads for for lease. In their stead, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese restaurants cropped up. Some of them were actually run by Chinese. I think the major advantages of the new restaurants are the unbeatable speed that one gets fed and the price.

The life style in the neighbourhood is leaning towards viewing lunch as a hindrance to work efficiency rather than some quality time to enjoy with colleagues. It must be taken out of the way as soon as possible.

I think this new life style was brought in by immigrants who were much more hard-pressed by life. They bring with them their own life style which seeps into and changes the old way inevitably. People don't welcome immigrants that bring annoying life styles. I think this psychology plays a part in the anti-immigration trend in the world.

A related phenomenon is the change in the tourist-heavy part of the city. It has significantly more fast-food restaurants and souvenir shops selling generic trinkets. What do tourists try to get out of their short visits? For some of them definitely not quality local food nor authentic local experience. They were rushing through the experience and justifying the money spent with the quantity of experiences. Exploration is just waste of time. Going through the compiled list of must-sees rules. I passed by a graffiti lane down town the other day. I should have been awed by the intricate graffiti, but I actually got awed and amused by the photographing tourists in various pompous postures. Tourists changed the atmosphere and created a new sight.

In general, I feel that the competition for job has become fiercer and as a result the world has become busier.