New Blog and Random Thoughts

We guess no one noticed that our blog site was down while we were migrating. We needed to point the DNS record to the new server to get a Letsencrypt SSL certificate before being able to serve content.

We moved only a few old blog posts here.

Our desire to draw is pent up. Our desire to program is also pent up. Still this piece of work has priority. Besides it is a pretty nice one, even though others did not seem to agree. We have finished the reconnoitring process. All that is left is to write up the result. (We had better finish this within three days.) Everything is under our control now unless there is something we missed. Thus we secretly start to plot for other endeavours in the future.

Still shadow looms over the horizon. As someone who cannot beat the system, we will likely be forced out. There is really nowhere we can go. We envy others who are mobile, who can go wherever they want. There should be somebody at some place that accepts you before you can go, isn't it? When you have no link to that place, you simply cannot go. As we are totally replaceable, why would anyone want us in particular? Why do we even exist?