New Year

We don't have anything that we are particularly proud of. We did have done some nice work. We want to know more and work on new things. Mostly we just want to run away from hell, but we do desire change. We can do most things, but we will leave some domains for more fitting experts.

Sixth day of severe headache. First we wondered if we would still be alive for the new year. (Still alive.) Then we wondered if we would not be able to do maths any more. We were panicking badly at this thought. We don't know how to check if our memory is still intact. We woke up early to catch a train, bound for a maths workshop, so soon we will find out if we are still OK. Every heartbeat brought about unbearable headache. We had to stay very still to minimise the number and the strength of heartbeats. We caught glimpses of bleak landscape when we woke up sporadically on the train. We suppose generating endorphins is very energy-consuming, so that we had to order a large meal during the trip. As we ate, we sweated slightly and then the pain relieved. Were we just overheating a bit? 2017 was indeed very stressful for us. Now either we are recovering or we are dying soon, as the pain is mostly gone.